I have an on-going interest in what I like to describe as a non-space. This awkward terminology shows my attempt to describe in words an awareness of something that is present, yet not usually seen, nor is it tangible, thus it is not an absence as such of space, more like a fullness of its opposite aspect. I often describe it as like penetrating through a wall to observe it from the inside of itself.

Yellow GB - MS, 25x25cm, 2015

Yellow Oxide, 50x30cm, 2016

Untitled (Yellow-Green), 50x30cm, 2016

Untitled (Cerulean-Vermilion), 50 x 30cm, 2018

Amber, 45 x 45cm, 2020

Untitled (Chrome Green Hue), 90 x 65cm,  2020

Orange - Green Gray,  35 x 35cm, 2018

Amber II,  35 x 35cm, 2018

Vilnachern, 25x25cm, 2020

Rosa Cipria , 25x25cm, 2019

Chrome Green Tone , 25x25cm, 2019

Gray/Orange-Red, 100 x 65cm,  2018

Chiostro dello Scalzo, 25x25cm, 2016

Untitled (Magenta Edges), 50 x 30cm, 2016

Untitled, 50 x 30cm, 2017

Gray on Blue Green GB - MS, 25x25cm, 2017

All works oil on linen

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